natural deodorant, bai-li


We’ve finally found a plastic-free, aluminum-free, baking soda-free deodorant that actually works. Bai-li’s formula actively blocks odor, is gentle on the skin and feels and smells amazing.


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Size: 2.37 oz

Ingredients: coconut oil*, shea butter*, arrowroot starch*, magnesium hydroxide, candelilla wax, essential oils, jojoba oil*, shelf stable probiotics (*certified organic)

Directions : Remove the top and gently push the bottom of the tube up. Apply desired amount onto clean, dry underarms. Store in a cool location.

Note that if this is your first time using a natural deodorant, it may take some time for your underarm microbiome to balance. Give yourself 2-4 weeks.

One tube should last 1-3 months.

At end of life, remove the labels from the tube. The labels should be thrown away, but the tube can be backyard composted.


eucalyptus + rosemary, lavender + peppermint, lemon + bergamot, unscented, cedarwood & sweet orange