lotion candle, 4 oz


Ayurvedic Lotion Candle in collaboration with Lani Medicinals. Made with 100% organic, California grown ingredients and crafted to support and balance all doshas (energetic constitutions). A synergistic blend of oils with powerful medicinal properties that balance both the body’s physical and emotional state.

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Closed-loop candles : Bring back your empty re_ candle jar for $1 off a new re_ candle. Jars will be cleaned, sanitized, and reused for another candle!

To use: Burn until herbal wax pools to edge of jar.Pour warm wax onto skin and massage in circular motions. Apply with love and positive intention.

Ingredients: organic soy wax, organic cacao butter, organic sesame oil, organic sunflower oil, punarnava, chitrak, calamus, bhumyamalaki, manjistha, neem, rosemary, tulsi, eucalyptus, essential oil blend