Closed-Loop Jar Return

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We'll take your jar

As a sustainable grocery store committed to eliminating waste, we don’t stop at plastic-free packaging. To keep things circular, we offer a $2 return on any of our pre-filled glass jars and bottles. Bring back your jar next time you’re in and we’ll sanitize it for reuse.

Reusable, refillable, returnable

We want to make sustainable shopping more affordable by giving you full control over what you spend. That includes our environmentally-friendly packaging.

When you buy one of our pre-filled glass jars or bottles, it already includes a $2 deposit:

  • Ready-to-eat foods
  • Refrigerated products
  • Oils, vinegars & honey
  • Nuts butters
  • Bath & body products
  • Household products

Why the deposit? Glass containers are worth something. They hold their value remarkably well, not to mention they’re food-safe and nontoxic with no microplastics. The jar is yours to refill at re_ or reuse endlessly around the house (as vessels for flowers and gardening, storage, drinking, DIY projects, and more). They provide maximum value with zero waste.

Got enough glass already? Return your jar to us next time you’re in to get $2 back. Make it part of your weekly grocery routine to keep things closed-loop regularly.

Really easy returns

How do you return your glass jars and bottles to re_? We keep it easy with a simple jar deposit program.

Every pre-filled glass jar or bottle you buy at re_ already includes a $2 deposit. When your jar’s empty, just give it a quick wash and bring it to the checkout counter next time you shop at re_ to get $2 back per container.

Deposits can be redeemed toward your next purchase or put directly back onto a credit card.

Why choose closed-loop?

Many of us recycle with the best of intentions, but the truth is that the recycling system is far from perfect. Knowing what’s recyclable, and where and how, can be confusing. Even goods that end up properly recycled then have to go through several steps and locations to be made into a new product, creating carbon emissions along the way. Less than 5% of plastic actually gets repurposed in our current recycling system, and the rest ends up in landfill. What’s more, plastics aren’t endlessly recyclable and many can only be repurposed one time before their quality is degraded.

All of the plastic that’s ever been created still exists on this planet today. We believe we can do better by adopting a closed-loop system at re_.

Not only is our plastic-free packaging made of eco-friendly materials, we also try to ensure that these materials are reused again and again, to bypass the need for recycling.

By streamlining our system using a jar and bottle return program, we can eliminate needless waste and save countless containers from landfill.

Our ware washing process

When your jars come back to us, you can trust that they’re thoroughly sanitized before returning to our shelves. Each jar or bottle is first hand-scrubbed and then soaked in a safe sanitizer solution until it’s sparkling clean.