laundry powder, unscented


High efficiency (HE) machine safe. Fragrance-free. Gentle on senses and skin without sacrificing cleaning power. Plant-based enzymes clean tough stains and odors. Rinses clean and leaves no harsh fumes or residues on fabrics. Drain-safe and readily biodegradable. Use 2 – 3 tbsp / load.

phosphate-free / chlorine-free / ammonia-free


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Ingredients : sodium sulfate, zeolite, minerals: sodium carbonate, sodium silicate, sodium disilicate plants: methyl ester sulphonate, alcohol ethoxylate, sodium percarbonate, methylglycinediacetic acid sodium salt, sodium citrate, carboxymethylcellulose, amylase, cellulose, protease, biodegradable synthetic: taed, biodegradable polymer


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