laundry liquid, concentrated, unscented, 16oz bottle


Highly concentrated so just a little bit is all that is needed to clean the dirtiest of dirty laundry. Boosted by live enzymes to dissolve tough stains and odors. Packed in a reusable glass bottle.

paraben-free / phthalate-free / sulfate-free / v


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Directions : (HE) machine safe. Biodegradable. Boosted by live plant-derived enzymes to dissolve tough stains and odors. Highly concentrated. Use only a little. Add just 2 tbsp per heavily soiled load.

Ingredients : water, plants: lauryl methyl ester sulfonate, alcohol ethoxylate, coco glucoside, protease, lauryl, decyl glucoside, carboxymethyl inulin, propanediol, glycerin, mannanase, amylase, citric acid, potassium cocoate, minerals: potassium hydroxide, calcium chloride, biodegradable synthetics: sodium secondary alkyl sulfonate, epa safe synthetics: methylglycinediacetic acid, sodium salt, benzisothiazolinone & methylisothiazolinone, phenoxyethanol.

Keep out of reach of children.

Size: 16 fl oz


with cap, add a pump